Cluster Bombs made in the UK used in Yemen?

British-made cluster bomb found in Yemeni village targeted by Saudi-led coalition (The Independent)

A British-manufactured cluster bomb has been found in a Yemeni village, all but confirming the banned weapons are being used by Saudi-led coalition forces in theYemeni civil war. The BL-755 cluster bomb is designed to be dropped by UK-manufacturedTornado jets used by the Saudi Arabian Air Force, though the highly controversial weapons werebanned in conflict decades ago. Amnesty International discovered the unexploded munition during an inspection of a village in northern Yemen. The weapon, originally manufactured in the 1970s by a Bedfordshire company called Hunting Engineering, contains 147 ‘bomblets’ which scatter across a wide area, but often do not detonate until they are disturbed at later date, often by unsuspecting civilians picking them up. One man, who herds goats in a village in Hajjah governorate approximately six miles from the Saudi Arabia border, told Amnesty: “In the area next to us, there are bombs hanging off the

Amnesty film on cluster bombs in Yemen

The UK demands KSA to confirm it never used UK made cluster bombs

Multiple Media:

An earthquake hit a number of the Yemeni governorates on Tuesday as residents of Sana’a, Ibb, Taiz, Al-Bayda, Aden, Abyan Shabwah and al-Dale’a could feel a tremor. The epicentre of the 4.8 MD earthquake is reported to be in Abyan. A few houses were damaged in Ibb, al-Bayda’a, and Yafi’e. In Shabwa, three houses got demolished and the tenants were killed.

However: Yemen’s National Centre for Seismology, based in Dhamar, is no longer operational as the Saudi-led coalition pounded it last year.


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